I am an expedition guide, naturalist, and lecturer based in the Lofoten Islands of Norway. I work around the world and carry my camera with me where I go. My work takes me to extraordinary locations, and I try and focus on capturing stunning animal encounters and natural settings. 

I grew up on the west coast of the US, surfing while at UC Santa Cruz, and kayaking through the summers. It convinced me that finding a way to work outdoors was the only way to go for me. After school, I started a peripatetic lifestyle of seasonal kayak guiding that took me to both polar regions and many places in between. 

Photography started for me in high school, and has since been an evolving creative outlet that can travel. I get to spend more time then the average tourist in some of earth's great wildernesses, and as I spend more time in a place, I can try to see through the great natural chaos of the wild and capture some of the enduring visual elements. 

Basically, I enjoy being outdoors and taking pictures of things I see there. If you like the pictures, or want to know more get in touch.

I hope you enjoy looking around.